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Am I the only person who has issues with MBC4’s new schedule, who watches comedies at 140 am, doesn’t any one have to get up bright and early for work, school, college ,life in general?! Am I the only one that finds it insane to watch Insider at 1 am, don’t you think the movie should come at 10 pm and comedies latest at 12, so we can be in bed by 1230 am max!I feel bad going to bed after midnight and they want me to stay up till 2 am..for my daily dose of comedy.I know they do show it at 4pm but its such a busy time, I would like to know who MBC4’s target audience in Saudi Arabia is?..Do they have a life besides T.V..and if so, what is their timetable..and if any of you out there are inconvenienced by their new schedule please complain at:


By the way who watches Dr.Phil here in Saudi? And do women here really like Oprah that much? Her political views about Saudi, her pro-war stance, her reinforcing of American values and what a great country the US of A is blah blah….cant be that popular here…or are her shows really that interesting? Please tell me why you like it..and your age group..I’m trying to do my own market research.

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  1. hello,i agree, im no fan of such “reality” programming or “talk” (gossip) shows, but if its programming you dont like, well let me say that british daytime tv is prob. worst. I had a stint in dahran as a teacher so id rather have what you watch.love the blog. like to see more.i also am a day dreamer, guess we all are (assuming you are a girl)


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