I was viewing my last attempt at blogging, well over a year ago, and I realized it was much much better attempt in terms of content, although I failed to promote the blog effectively. The fact that at that time I was busy with my Masters thesis could have something to do with both points.

However, I have decided to make a real effort this time. I had a dream once to be a writer and as I’m only in my mid -twenties its definitely not too late to make an effort, and blogs are the newest ways of getting oneself published.

I seem to be lacking inspiration getting bogged down in the monotony of life and somehow observing human behavior and the different phases of life has left me with a mild distaste for life itself. Don’t get me wrong I am not suicidal, but I feel disappointed in the realties of life, somehow the glamour of each thing fades as you grow older leaving behind it grittiness.

As I try to become more religious, and struggle with my “addiction” to tv, again I feel myself give in to the instant gratification of being fed visual chocolate, which dumbs the brain and doesn’t do wonders for our spiritual health either.

Watch this space for more ponderings from a perpetual dreamer.