Yet another trip to the dentist

Ok so I have finally been dragged to the dentist kicking and screaming,well, not literally, but inside I was kicking and screaming. You don’t see many young women being dragged kicking and screaming with their abayas flying, makeup streaming down their faces. No, we are required to put on a brave face, in my case it was one without a stitch of makeup.. with the colour completely drained from it, attempting a resigned look, which would every now and then crease up in memory of the pain that was sure to come. But inside I wanted to slap the dentist and run out of there as fast as I could. Another problem- no getaway car. You don’t see young women running from hospitals or driving away from them either! There was no escape I was trapped.

And yes, it was painful, despite the anesthesia, the fact that my jaw was stretched open at an inhuman angle, lips ready to tear, with long needles being poked down my root canal. The dentist kept saying ‘íftahi’ (open). Open! What do you mean open? I ‘have opened it as much as I can without dislocating it!

I have to keep my eyes closed throughout the whole procedure-not just because the needles freak me out, but because every now and then the dentist would launch into a discussion with her assistant and in typical Egyptian style wave her hands-scary instruments and all millimeters from my face. She doesn’t have what is called in Arabic ‘soft hands’. After the anesthesia wore off my tooth, jaw, inside cheek, were throbbing in pain. With sudden jabs of pain as if the dental surgery was still underway.

It still hurts and I am on an insanely high does of antibiotic (Augmentin 1g twice a day) which isn’t exactly helping my stomach.

The only time I can stand doctors is on TV, like Grey’s Anatomy, and even then sometimes its gets a bit too much for me and I wish it was show about lawyers or something with the same characters.

Oh well, I am waiting for the next dental appointment with dread.That’s another thing the whole dentist appointments thing makes the procedure drag out for weeks, like we have nothing better to do then hang out at the hospital!