Private and confidential

I am actually quite a private person and the main attraction of blogging to me is that it allows me to publish my writing, without revealing who I am. The charm of saying whatever you want without serious consequences is alluring. So far, it seems that I don’t have many readers and I haven’t inspired or provoked anyone to comment. Perhaps, someone as private as me is better off writing a meaningful journal blog..but not sharing it publicly.

But, I wish to give this blogging thing a go. Partially, because I feel I am growing too anti-social. Too anti-social? LOL! I believe there are degrees of anti-social behaviour, and I am going further up the scale. I don’t feel like socialising with anyone except my friends. I am not interested in meeting new people anymore. At work, I have stopped making an effort. I feel I have become a better judge of the sort of people I can maintain a real friendship with and if I feel you are not that person I don’t bother with the small talk am only polite. This seems to be perfectly fine because Arab women aren’t in the habit of initiating conversation it seems. Especially, as they will have to make a special effort and speak to me in English. Oh well, I am not too interested in listening to the latest tiff you had with your husband or the recent disciplining problem you had with your teenage daughter. I guess the age gap adds to my reluctance to socialise with people closer to mom’s age than mine.

The younger crowd is either not my type or not English speaking, and actually I’m quite content with the way things are. I wouldn’t mind having one or two more friends though, especially since one of my close friends is getting married and leaving the country. The Expat lifestyle: lose a friend every year, except before you gained one as well. I feel my close circle of friends is shrinking. Blogging may be a way to gain like-minded new friends albeit maybe only virtual ones.