I’m Back

In case anyone has been wondering, I stopped blogging due to a very bad internet connection, due to a previous;y unheard of problem with the network card installed on my computer apparently it automatically changed the settings and this resulted in only the first page of any website being able to load if at all. Very strange. Anyways that took some time get fixed and by then I had obviously lost my newly developed blogging habit.
Well as the academic year draws to an end and I go on holiday, and will probably have more spare time on my hands I’ll be blogging a lot more. I’m trying to at least get one letter publish in one of the local newspapers. need to actually sit down and write an email and compose before the topic becomes to out of date!

Queen of procrastination is another label that would suit me quite well besides being a dreamer.

I have always wanted to write a book,( 25 years old and I use always with such ease)and blogging was always a way to foray into the territory of literary accomplishment. To hone my writing skills and see what exactly I can write about well. After having read some chic-lits (yes its my guilty pleasure)I feel that I could do better job. Hmm alas maybe the critics or audience wont think so as I probably will shy away from references to sex etc. It would be chic-lit for the global market maybe target at young women living in the middle east/ south Asia brought up more conservatively but still having their own girlie enjoyments and pleasures.–Nothing like ‘behind the veil’ or whatever it was called … It would be a breath of fresh air as most of the fiction or dramatized fact titles based on the middle east are banned and not something you would want to read if you were brought up here.Here I am generalizing about the majority.