Fuel My Blog and Light my Fire!

The past few days I have been spending a disproportionate time on this blog. You may well ask what on earth have I been doing as there have been no new posts.
Well after I couldn’t find my blog in Google search results even though I was searching the exact titles of my posts. I became a bit disturbed.  Previously, (think a year ago), after a bout of recent posting I could usually find my blog entries pretty high up on In Google search result. Apparently, blogs are growing faster than the world population and mine has been lost in cyberspace due to inactivity.

Hence, I am going through a blog makeover, new templates, new widgets, joined fuel my blog to encourage traffic, and general research on SEO and how to gain followers. I thought I needed a dummies guide to blogger, I discovered  blog like that and I found that even a bit difficult to follow, maybe because the blogger has been upgraded, but it made feel very stupid, once I get the hang of this I’ll make a how to blog for non geeks.  Reading what’s out there, in terms of writing style, technical ability, and content, both written and multimedia, it seems I have stiff competition.

Although, I can write about what is not being written, I am not sure I have the confidence to do so, and I feel like if by the odd chance an acquaintance comes across the blog they will easily know its me, and I’m not ready for that not yet anyway-maybe when I’m famous. An alternative way is to play the devil’s advocate, but that’s just not me, and knowing my luck will probably land me in some sort of trouble. 

Its very late so I think  I will just end from a quote from the film, ‘Inception’:

“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.” – Cobb