Summers and Blogging again

Summers represent a time of leisure, and an upside down routine common in Saudi, especially in the summer. Thus, this is my most active time on the internet, blogging and various online activities.
But due to my lack of consistency, laziness, inherent reserve and value of privacy I’ve found it a struggle to make much progress in my blogging endeavours.

I feel blogging is like those new year resolutions that you make every, only to fail by February.

Recently , after a very random google search, of something which was bugging me: the extremely annoying process of arranged marriages /rishtas  and potential mother-in-law interview of the potential daughter-in-law I came across a blog which expressed things that I had observed and would have liked to say so much better I was impressed and inspired to give it another go.

If you wish to check out the blog its:


One thought on “Summers and Blogging again

  1. yeah man why can't people all just get along? and what is up with the dudes? theyr spending the rest of their life with someone and they just decide to let others make this decision for them? and serioursly why is it so hard to meet decent people easily arranged or otherwise??!


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