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It is said that you should write about what you know, and what you are passionate about. Well, I’m definitely passionate about The Vampire Diaries, it is as close to an obsession as it can get. I have spent my summer break reading TV Fanatic’s The Vampire Diaries caption contest entries and watching my favourite vampire diaries video montages on Youtube. I wasn’t like this as a teen, what’s wrong with me?
 I guess this is a part of my quarter life crisis?

Now let’s get back to the review. When the trailers for TVD started showing although the key characters seemed unbelievably good-looking, I thought it was going to be like Twilight  (I’m not a fan), with the plot being as old as time itself: two brothers Damon Salvatore (Ian Sommerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) fall in love with the same woman Katherine Petrova (Nina Dobrev) , a typical teen drama with vampires.
But wait, there is a twist-145 years later, they fall in love with the same woman or rather her doppelganger Elena. (I thought- meh, in my opinion most teen dramas these days require you to be a teen or at least have raging hormones or a similar love-life issues for you to really get in to them.)

So, one day I just turned on the TV as the show was starting. The episode was the one about Miss Mystic Falls (Se1 Ep 19) and the ‘no-touch’ dance between Elena and Damon completely entranced me, and by the end of the episode I wanted more!

I watched the next episodes the season finale left me breathless and I couldn’t believe I had to wait the whole summer until the show returned. I’m ashamed to admit but it turned into an addiction, a guilty pleasure, my favourite vice- whatever you want to call it!

I caught up on earlier episodes, and in hindsight season 1 was a lot like Twilight, and the pace is slower, but it picks up towards mid-season, after that and pretty much all through Season 2 the pace is break-neck, and you never know who is going to be killed off..and then brought back to life-or something like it!

Those of you who grew up in the nineties- it’s like Buffy but better (more eye-candy, shocking plot twists!)

Here are my favourite TVD music video montages:
Shattered (by Backstreet Boys) 

Enchanted (Owl City)

 cast of the vampire diaries

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