Who Else Wishes Pippa was Never the Bridesmaid at Kate and Wills’ Wedding?

Pippa Middleton royal wedding bridesmaid butt

Have you had enough? Aren’t you sick of it? Isn’t there some other celebrity you would rather hear about? Someone who is actually pretty and doing something exciting other than being related to the future Queen of England?

I mean okay she looked good at Kate and Wills wedding, and her derriere caught your eye…Butt I mean, but there are many women with a firm and toned back side, and the dress was obviously padded, as her behind has never looked as good since.

She has, or rather a certain part of her anatomy has crashed Twitter, spawned websites, inspired facebook fan pages, a Pippa Middleton butt lift procedure, and triggered article after article dedicated to Pippa Middleton. You would think the world in general and the U.K in particular is devoid of beautiful women, and the entire world population consists of women suffering from flat buttocks syndrome; and that celebrities out there are n’t doing anything worth reporting about such as helping children in East Africa.

Pippa Middleton managed to unseat the Her Royal Rearness Jeniffer Lopez on the day of Royal wedding, according to Google Trends search rankings; and she has managed to stay on top, although Jenny from the block is putting up a brave fight. It is safe to assume that in order to cover her insurance premium on her rear assets J-Lo will do some sort of PR stunt like wearing skirt that slips off to the SuperBowl ceremony or some such event to get back in the limelight.

Pippa Middleton won’t be able to resort to such measures as she is now related to British Royal family by marriage- I’m sure the tabloids are hoping a butt PR war ensues or they can try and orchestrate one.

So tell me readers are you fed up with the media’s Pippa coverage? Yay or Nay?

6 thoughts on “Who Else Wishes Pippa was Never the Bridesmaid at Kate and Wills’ Wedding?

  1. Yes I am, particularly as I live in England, barely a week seems to go by without her getting into the newspapers. I wish she'd been shorter and less slim, and still held up as an example of how to look.


  2. ooooh can't wait for the butt war! bring it on j'lo. and kim kardashian, get ur butt on! kim k was de-throned too and don't think she took it all too well as she threw a wedding to match the royal wedding and then wore three WHITE bootylicious outfits! 😛 ppl might not have had a butt syndrome b4, but after her royal rearness dispayed her padded asset to the world, ladies all over are certainly re-evaluating their behinds. hmmm…wonder how much a pippa rear-lift costs…. 😛


  3. @Jewel Thanks for commenting. It must be definitely worse in the U.K, looks like the tabloids haven't given up for their search for a new Princess Di?

    @Anonymous:Lol I'd completely forgotten about KK, please remind me why is she famous again?-although yes she is beautiful-but than again alot of girls would look like that if they wore that much make up, and false eyelashes or lash extensions etc everyday. Let the butt wars begin! I guess this is what public (majority?)wants?


  4. I dont get why teh big fuss about her. She is very average looking and teetering on the line of kinda ugly! I don't get why there are procedures now named after her!! Sorry but I've really had enough of her and I've seen sexier butts!! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way =)

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose


  5. @MiMi:I honestly believe, that if Pippa wasn't related to Kate Middleton and hence the Royal Family, the press wouldn't have created the 'oh she's so shot!' propaganda, that and they need to hype up someone-to sell their papers- and then to tear down that person- to sell even more papers.


    P.S I don't agree with the hyping or the tearing down, she's ordinary looking-just wish the media would move on!


  6. couldn't have said it better myself. I totally agree.
    This is how the media works, they praise a celebrity and treat him/her like a god send, then and only they start making negative headlines to sell more. Half of what's written is bollocks and is not even close to the truth.
    As you said if Pippa Middleton wasn't the sister of Kate no one would bother!! and I truly think they shouldn't have bothered in the first place.. Honestly, time to move on! Funny thing there are plastic surgeries named after her! Who would want a flat bum like than!! =s


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