A Journey through Jewellery

When I first started wearing jewellery circa ’94, I was attracted to ‘cool’ silver jewellery (think peace sign pendants,silver initial pendants worn on black string), this was my take on the ’90s grunge era along with Doc Martens and baggy plaid shirts- all worn by an awkward skinny tomboy going through teenage angst. Then in the early noughties late nineties, as I grew older-more confident, and aware/proud of my feminine side, my rings, bracelets were dainty delicate pieces, Calvin Klein was considered a fashion and perfume icon, I guess this was my minimalist era, which I felt was truly ‘me’ at the time.

Savage Garden’s Truly, Madly Deeply, song an ode to the ’90s

Nowadays, I’ve become more comfortable with ‘bling’, statement pieces, chunky rings, and bracelets. I’ve overcome my distaste of all things flashy and obvious, gradually. I’ve even acquired a taste for gold(shock, horror), but NOT the yellow 22k indian/bedouin kind below.

Bedouin Gold plated Isharya Necklace

I guess its the Saudi influence as well as current fashion trends, and now I don’t want to associate this change with growing older. Although, I wouldn’t say I’m very trendy, I lean more towards classic pieces, but I do follow fashion, and I follow trends that reflect my personality. I think H&M is perfect for trendy of the moment accessories which I find are pretty durable, and they are my go to store for cheap and chic accesories. I need to check out the fall collection and see if it has reached Saudi. I might put up some pictures of remnants of that era, I still have a few pieces, or my current favourite pieces, if I get enough requests :-).
Please check out the link below from the tres chic fashion gossip 10 blog

Oversized accessories with H&M

Photo credit FashionGossip10

What’s your jewellery style?
P.S. These days quite a few diamond jewellery stores have sales offering up to 70% discounts, what’s that about?

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