The ‘Voice’ of My Blog sounds like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail- okay in my dreams

 Dear Readers,
I’ve been reading tips on how to improve my writing/blogging style, and apparently you have to a ‘voice’ which sets the tone of your blog. Now, while I sat there thinking of what I wished the tone of my blog to sound like, I remembered one of my favourite movies:You’ve Got Mail, and how every time I watch it I relate to Meg Ryan’s character and love the way she writes her emails, and generally expresses her thoughts. That, dear readers is what I’m aiming for-in my mind, at least. When I get comments, I get nearly as excited as when MR gets mail-seriously!


I’ve got a comment- I mean email

The other problem I have is of consistency, I can do one post in one voice,say Rebecca  Brandon nee Bloomwood  all girly and lighthearted, straight out of a chick-lit, (again that is it what it sounds like in my mind); and then my next post will I will sound all moody and broody like a vampire of your choosing.

 If I went to a meeting looking like this, would people mistake me for Elle Woods?

Damon: Stefan, you should start blogging, keeping a diary is so 1864
Stefan:I dunno, The Vampire Blogs just doesn’t sound the same

I tend to have a number of not necessarily logically related things to say, but I find them interesting and I hope others do to. I wish my blog would end up being an interactive conversation with its readers so that it sounded like the dialogue of  Before Sunrise/Before Sunset movies with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.
I also tend to blog very late at night, which means I’m not really myself- helps the whole internet alter-ego image, I guess. A friend of mine and reader, says it shows, so I’m going to start editing posts in the clear light of day. 
I also need a volunteer editor, I can’t seem to spot my own mistakes, and the spelling and grammar checker is not working on blogger- very embarrassing to find my blog is covered in typos and worse. I have to first type in Word and then copy paste into blogger, which I find annoying as I like to insert photos and links as I type. It helps the flow of my thoughts. Please share errors, so I can fix them, I won’t be offended, positive criticism is how we learn.
What do you think of my blog’s voice tone?
Do you have a voice/ or tone for your blog, please do share it with us.

3 thoughts on “The ‘Voice’ of My Blog sounds like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail- okay in my dreams

  1. First of all your blog is cute and real.So write whatever you want to write and whatever way you feel comfortable.I love the way it is. :).

    I can not give you any tip because I ain't don't know any .I just do write whatever is in my mind and some time is is pretty stupid.

    Love you .


  2. hey! ur blog is meant to be whatever you want it to be! and i think the mish mash of different posts will find a variety of people who can relate to the different posts you put up!! keep at it!! and yeah ur voice is your own but definitely the influence is from the chick lits and chick movies which is not a bad thing at all! keep expressing! 🙂


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