Enchanted by Taylor Swift’s Tantalizing Tresses

I confess readers I have a bit of girl-crush on Taylor Swift. She looks like such girly girl. I absolutely love her hair, adore it, and I wish I could tame my very stubborn-mind of its own hair, into the beautiful hairstyles that Taylor has been sporting lately.I don’t listen to her music, but I’m happy to see her at awards and places so that I can see which hairstyle she’s sporting today.

Taylor Swift has naturally curly and I think blonde hair, and I think it suits her to a tee as country singer, don’t you?

Her side swooped bangs are pretty much a part of her signature style as her curly locks.

Taylor looks just as stunning accessorizing with a delicate headband and her perfect sunshine curls gathered to one side and tumbling over one shoulder.

The faux bob has a 1920s look to it, accompanied by the bright lipstick.

Another example of Taylor exuding old Hollywood glamour in loose waves tamed into a bun.

Now for the impossible to achieve long list of updos. I’m at a loss for words, I’ll let you look at them, please feel free to comment.

Don’t you just love how her bangs are curled and incorporatedinto the rest of the hairstyle, how would some one who’s all thumbs and lacks proper hand eye coordination ever recreate this…well, I can dream.

As a bonus and in order not to disappoint some visitors who have arrived at my sight looking for turorials,
I have provided a link to a Taylor Swift curly hair tutorial, and the absolutely mind bogglingly amazing tutorial for Taylor Swift’s Love Story updo tutorial 
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