Travel Profiler-What’s your travel sign?

Dear Readers,


While I was getting my daily dose of online Glamour, I came across a rather interesting post, about a travel company called Nextpedition that arranges two mystery trips over a one week period for you according to your travel profile. What you have to is complete and 15 question questionairre, which is followed by a few indepth interviews with the company’s staff covering things which you have liked in the past or what you absolutely would NOT want to do. You find out where you first destination will be only 72 hours vefore you depart–Argh!-packing nightmare! The second destination the night before-now seriously packing dilemma- I couldn’t do it for this reason alone!  I wonder how they cater for couples? So the point of this post is (not to recycle somebody else’s post) was that I went to the website and took the free travel profiling test… and my result was:


Hey, Glamologist. That’s right, you travel the world digging for glam like it’s gold. Vintage jeans nourish your soul. You feast on flannel and faux fur and revel in the contrast. Anything to complete your look. And, Glamologist, you look good.

Please check out the website and take the quiz and let me know what your travel sign is?
Does it suit you, do you agree?

3 thoughts on “Travel Profiler-What’s your travel sign?

  1. Wow, that's a really interesting concept! I'd do something like that if I had the money. I got Disco Trekker. Not quite sure what that means though.


  2. Glad you liked it, I wonder what the charges are, but sounds like an expensive service. So you are a Disco Trekker: You move through time zones like a wide receiver glides into the end zone. With power and grace. And, when the sun comes up on your destination, the DJ is still spinning like the globe on its eternal axis. The world is your club and you're VIP, with a carry-on.

    Hmmm. I guess you like travelling and music alot :-).. if only they could tell us what our ideal destinations would be for free…


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