New cheeky local brand: Fyunka

Hello Readers,

I have recently discovered a Jeddah based brand called Fyunka, on the blogosphere. Among its other items it has cute printed fabric bags, some with Arabic writing on them, usually pop-culture quotes which are quite funny. Fyunka, means bow in Arabic, I first thought it was a variation of Funky, but apparently not :-P.
As it is a Jeddawy brand, and I’m all about promoting local industry, (I’m doing this free of charge :-), I thought I’d do a blog post showcasing some of their items that I liked. (I’ve got to try and find some sponsors).

You don’t have an LV bag? OMG!

Babe, we must get Starbucks coz its like cool yknow.

Photo credit: Fyunka and Alaa Balkhy

What do you think? An artisitc critique of pop culture and high society?