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Product review-Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter.

As winter has arrived in Jeddah, it means at night it get pretty cold ir 15-19 C, yes, that is considered cold here. It also gets quite dry, add to that using hot water to wach your hands, and shower:result is dry skin.
Very dry flaky skin. Not a good look, unless you are an undead vampire- and these days even they tend to sparkle rather than flake!

Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Body Butter

Packaging: It comes in a cute, girly pink jar, with entertaining by lines: Bored?….
It smells great a sweet floral fruity fragrance of bergamot, orange,vanilla, and hints of somethin stronger like amber and musk  that makes you smile :-). Its strong enough to be easy to smell up close, but not sickly overpowering.
Absorbs easily into skin and leaves it incredibly soft or as the packaging says ‘sinfully soft’.
You can get it from Boots UK, or on eBay elsewhere.