Five Fabulous Blogs That You Must Check Out

As part of a blogging catch-up I have a list of posts to do, just to make up for my November laziness.
I always like lists, I’m a strong believer in To-Do Lists, I love the feeling when you’ve completed a task and you can put a check mark next to an item-very satisfying.

I do browse and read quite a few blogs so here’s a few that caught my eye, this is besides those special people who are already on my blogroll  somewhere on the left sidebar.

I might do a monthly post like, I think weekly will be too much, depending on whether it is a success.
I’m always looking for new blogs to read so I think it might be helpful to other bloggers.

Ok so in no particular order, drumroll please……

A fun design blog, called Sew Sweet Stitches , inspirational ideas for decorating galore.

Beauty and more: Didilicious divides her time between Cairo and London.

Foodie blogs:London based Gourmet Chick..yummy!

Saudi blogs are so hard to find,and this blogger is sweet and extremely chic Ghadeeer

Amazingly creative DIY fashionista Ren Ariel Sano is based in USA, I need to try out at least one of her tutorials, maybe the chain sunglasses.

Happy blogging!