Looking back at 2011:Most Popular Posts, Top Commentors, and Most Searched Terms

 2011 is practically over, and while I don’t particularly feeling like mulling over the past year, I think a bit of a recap for the year, is in order.

The most popular blog post of all time in 2011 has been  Enchanted by Taylor Swift’s Tantalizing Tresses  with 288 views.

This was followed by Uptown 966 Restaurant Review with 267 page views in second place.

A relatively newer post  Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe- Best recipe ever! made it to the top 3, with 188 page views 🙂

My blog’s audience is from all over the world, but most visitors are located in the

United States 1,140 visitors; followed by Saudi Arabia  with 858 and lastly United Kingdom  with 399 visitors. I’m guessing this is because it is an English language blog, but how come I don’t have that many reader from Austrailia and South Africa? I guess it has something to do with the population levels as well.
Unfortunately, Pippa’s a$$ is the most searched term that leads to my blog, 
followed unsurprisingly by Taylor Swift/ curly hairy/updo and red velvet cupcake recipe.

The Top Commenter on my blog was the sweet Izdiher, followed by fashionable Ghadeer, and last but not least IReadBlogs

Take care  see you next year with New Year’s resolutions!