12 New Year Resolutions 2012

I’m going to make a list of new year’s resolutions, although I don’t always make resolutions, I love making to-do lists and stick to them as much as I can. I guess what I don’t like about New Year’s resolutions, is the the 1 year time frame, so much can happen in a year, and leave you distracted or occupied with something else, and no matter how much you plan, so many things are beyond your control, and you have to learn to accept that.

At first, I was only going to make blogging resolutions, but then I thought that would be a very short and dull post…so  I’ll do personal resolutions too like most bloggers.

So in no particular order: 12 for 2012

  1. Get fit/ exercise more. The cliche resolution on the top of many lists, yet usually the first one to be broken. I’m just thanking God that I don’t have to lose weight, only gain muscle, and killer abs 🙂 daily cruches here I come.
  2. Post an average of 12 blog posts  a month.  I’m trying to keep the target challenging yet acheivable- how will I ever be a writer if I can’t write regularly?
  3. Get more comments on my blog and develop a regular blog reader base…this one is troublesome.
  4.  Read four pages of The Holy Quran everyday, at least, was really good for a while last year, reading a chapter, or half a chaper daily, then recently been really bad. Argh.
  5. Make more money! Hehe- I haven’t decided a figure or maybe I don’t feel like posting it here ..
  6. Learn how to ice cakes like a pro.
  7. Bake at least 12 new cakes/cookies/desserts.                                                                                    
  8. Try and reduce sugar intake which directly conflicts with no7, and increase veg and fibre intake and maybe fruit..but fruits have sugar?..
  9. Try to get rid of scars using tips from Cassandra and Bubbi from youtube, I just haven’t had the discipline to stick to the routine no matter what.
  10. Be thankful and positive everyday for the blessings I have got rather than focusing on what I don’t, and try and acheive the most I can in all areas.- I know the second part is a bit vague, but I know what I want in my head and how to break it down on a daily basis.
  11.  Be a better daughter, sister and friend. Which means putting others first complaining less, whining less and being less moody! I’m not that bad but I do have my bad days, just need to exercise more control and turn that negative energy into positive energy.
  12. Learn or try more new things, again vague, but there are so many things out there that I can’t possible list all of them here!

DO share your resolutions with me and Good Luck!