Iphone 4S- Apps, Covers Cases and more

If you are reading this you may already be the proud owner of an Iphone 4S or you maybe on the curb thinking about buying it, but not sure whether you want it. Well, you should buy-it because it is so pretty! Seriously, its one good looking mobile, plus its very easy to use even if you haven’t used an iphone before. I bought the white one-as I don’t think the black one is nearly as pretty but of course its entirely up to you and I think guys favour the black one and girls the white one- but I maybe wrong.

 The apps – everyone who owns an iphone always goes on and on about the apps! Well, I was pretty happy with Nokia’s Ovi store as I could buy stuff just using my phone credit withou having to enter my bank/card details. The Apple store unfortunately requires you to enter your bank details which I am unwilling to do for a while, so I am going to have to satisfy myself with free apps- which luckily there are aplenty .

I have already downloaded the following apps: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, I wish all my contacts were on Viber it would make my life a lot simpler. I ‘ve also got Heart Fitness montior, Abworkouts free, anti-mosquito, HP home and biz( for my printer), QuranExplorer,Fortress of the Muslim, alQibla, stepmetr(a podometer- haven’t tested it yet) ,iBooks and Classic Books- although I prefer to read on my Kindle.

Some of the apps are are a bit gimmicky and make me feel like a child with a toy, but I’ve only had the iphone for 2 weeks and am testing their usefulness and entertainment value.

It iss definitely user-friendly, and I love the zoom in feature, although I wish I could copy paste number from facebook messages, the copy/paste feature doesn’t seem to work there.

If someone could reccomend an emoticon app that’s simple and easy to use that would be great.  🙂

What other free apps would you reccommend?

 I have got a scratch-proof clear plastic adhesive cover, but I want to get an actual cover. I am notorious for dropping my mobiles, its a nothing short of a miracle that most have lasted 2.5 years plus. I am terrified that if I drop this the glass will casing crack or break so I need to find a suitable cover. I’m not sure if I should buy the common hard plastic ones, or a leather one?

Shown below are the cases I am considering buying, let me know your ideas for an iphone cover  because its great to share.

Plactic Iphone Ferrari cover
Ferrari Leather cover with flap
P.S Although on the whole I’m a girly girl,  I’m mad about sports cars :-).
I spotted some interesting how-tos for original girly mobiles on the blogosphere.

A black and gold lace cover will by chic and stylish accessory to any outfit, you can find the easy tutorial on Mellisa’s blog.

Mellisa also has great tutorial for a gold-studded phone cover and a cute embroidered phone cover pictured below.

Please share your thoughts, comments because your are important to me. 

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