Downton Abbey Episode 8 and the Christmas Special

*spoilers alert*
Dear Readers, the last time I wrote about Downton Abbey I was mid-way through the second season.
I intitially wrote a sort  of summary recap of what happened in Downton Abbey in the second half of the season, and I realised it was just a very rushed summary especially since its been a while since I watched many of the epsiodes except the Christmas special. I also realised that if  I want to do a review that adds value I should do it while its fresh in my mind. So I’ve erased what I wrote and am going to capture my favourite moments in the form of  video clips. I think that way it will a bit more interesting. I’m not a famous critic and I don’t have Downton Abbey fans lining up to read or share their thoughts. I guess there are forums for that sort of thing.

So here it goes:

Episode 8 when Sybil announces to her family that she intends on marrying Branson the chaffeur. I love Cousin Violet’s reaction- she has the best lines- watch the clip and see for yourself:

The clip below is my favourite bit of episode 8, when Matthew and Mary talk and dance, superb acting in my humble opinion.

Unfortunately, Lavinia hears everything and sees the kiss that follows, and goes on to die of  a ‘broken heart’ as Matthew put it although she had actually contracted the Spanish flu. His guilt prevents him from pursuing Mary and he makes a vow to Lavinia’s memory. It is sad and annoying at the same time.

The Christmas Special finally brings the downfall of Sir Richard; and Matthew gets in a few good punches, again Dame Maggie Smith has the best lines perfectly delivered. When Richard announces that he won’t be returning Granny cheekily asks ‘ You promise?’ despite the seriousness of the situation and tension in the air, and I love the way she reassures Matthew not to worry about the broken vase, see for for yourself.

The Christmas Proposal, how romantic yet with Mary’s wit not sentimental…I love the snow, colour of her dress, the ‘don’t take me there again unless you are sure’ …’ you must say it properly..get down on your knees’ :-)..Well, a happy ending -for now till fall 2012 at least!