Gossip Girl Seasons One to Four

Dear Readers,

As you know I am rather behind on my series. You will be surprised to hear that I like it that way, because I have developed a need of instant gratification when comes to watching series and especially comedies. One episode just doesn’t seem to be enough, and to wait one whole week seems like torture. I wasn’t always like this. I liked to regulate my behaviour with delayed gratification, link the reward with something I had to achieve; but lately, and for a while now, all that’s gone out of the window. Somehow, I will overcome all that.

Anyway, as I’ve gone on a bit of Gossip Girl bender I have to blog about it. I have to say I enjoyed Season 4 more than Season 3 it just got better with every episode. I also enjoyed the soundtrack of the second half of Season 4. Blair’s wardrobe has improved by leaps and bounds, I used to think she hid her figure in dull androgenous outfits, esp in season two. Season 3 saw some improvement but Season 4 has been the best. I love the ball gowns they wear, the jewellery including Lily’s. I am sad to see the demise of Jenny’s character , I don’t know why, I guess I believed there was a good person, some innocence still left in her beneath that teenage angst facade. I was really torn up over the Jenny and Chuck incident it was awful in every way. I had wished Jenny and Nate would have ended up together maybe he could have made Jenny better.

But then again I’m not completely for couples ending up together just so one of them can make the other better, a little grounding for the unstable is good but you feel the that one of them is getting a bad deal. Dan, I think, would have been interesting with Blair, would have brought her down from her high horse a notch. Serena is great to watch for her wardrobe and her hair- but I don’t always root for her, she’s to much of a flake a floozy, a bit of a hot mess, with hot on the outside and messed up on the inside!

Sexy Serena, Edgy Lil J, or Classic B what’s your favourite style

As a rule I don’t like people without self  control- (um in life not for watching series) and with no goals, no values, who get away with anything because they are rich and famous.  I do feel sorry her for sometimes though and love her bags and dresses- and her hair of course,

Blair and Serena Chuck and Nate, bold and beautiful for young people

Vanessa is going- yay! Was there ever a more annoying character? If she was supposed to be the underdog female, intellectual and down to earth, she should have everyone rooting for her . When you are rooting for Blair and Serena over Vanessa who probably has more in common with the audience compared to the whole cast put together, you know the charcacter has failed. I also thought she didn’t have the right ‘look’ and she was so ‘hard’, she had a very reactive teenage angst, (the rest of them are are immature too, but her attitude which was unpleasant to watch and really rubbed me the wrong way.

Maybe Serena should end up with Ben, although he is too good for her, I think the Professor was better match for Serena, they deserved each other..

Let’s see if Blair ends up with her Prince Louis or is Chuck her Dark Prince? Can’t wait to start Season 5.

Chuck and Blair at a train station in Paris

I hope you enjoy the video montage   🙂 the song is Young Blood by The Naked and The Famous, the montage covers everyone’s favourite couples I think.

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