Edge of Arabia:We Need to Talk- Art Exhibition

Dear Readers,
The Edge of Arabia: We have to talk, is an exhibition by Saudi contemporary artists, at the Fursiya Marina (next to Park Hyatt Hotel, Corniche) in Jeddah. The exhibition is open to all, from 9am till 11pm every day except Friday. It contains photography, and abstract sculptures, even videos.  Some art pieces are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, while others may provoke a discussion, and othersstill, may leave you scratching your head.
Photography is permitted so without further ado I will add photos of some of the exhibits, unfortunately I forgot to note down the names of the artists, all credit goes to the artists, I’m just trying to promote their talent.
Be sure to check out the exhibition yourself, and later you can chill out at cafe on the Marina.

Installation made of many many mics, you can listen to music using the headsets

Fetus connected to a game controller via umbilical cord

Musbah/Rosary beads with names of women? I think

Petrol Pump to a Gun pointed at your own head

Bring change slowly through reform not through violence

No comment- but I completely understand
Sorry, the pic isn’t that clear, a lady wearint Bedouin styleheavily decorated veil, witha safety helmet/hard hat, and with a tag Safety First

Jahl Azulam- .Illiteracy is darkness

(Saudi) Postman 😉 😛

Yes give us an outlet for our energy !!!

Lady wearing flag/ veil with kalima