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Anyway, on to the salon review.

I’m not a high maintenance gal, although the idea of regular visits to the spa and salon may excite me in theory I’m not a regular customer- I’m not sure why- I guess because I have rather sensitive skin I don’t relish the experience as much as other people. Recently, I felt was time to get my act together and get  (I hate to admit it) a much- needed facial. I’m a comparatively regular customer of Zouari Salon and Spa of french fame; but I decided to mix things up a bit and leave my comfort zone and finally try out Britsh brand of Toni and Guy.

I have sensitive acne prone skin , so I called them up and asked which service/facial would they recommend, and the receptionist had the aesthetician call me back and she reccommended the deep cleansing facial before trying out any other treatments.

I showed up for my appointment a bit early, and the receptionist was polite and friendly after preparing the receipt she took my abaya and replaced it with a Tony and Guy robe. I was told to go the second floor and wait, and I took a fe magazines upstairs to browse. The spa area was quiet, as the 2 rooms had customers inside, the lounge.cafeteria was brightly decorated in red and white.
But there was no one in the cafeteria to take your order, or offer you with refreshments.
There was silence except from the sound idle staff laughing and talking from a staff room.

Once it was my turn the aesthetician, asked my about skin type, and skin care routine, and when was my last facial. She was very polite and friendly, and fluent in English. For me that is a big deal, because I don’t quite feel comfortable with trusting my skin/hair with someone who may misunderstand what I say or more importantly feel about what they are doing to me!

She had a very  soft soothing touch, and after she put on one of the masks and left me for twenty minutes, I think I dozed off  for a bit.

After, the facial I definitely felt a difference my skin glowed and I looked fresher and the overall texture of my skin seemd to have improved.

Toni and Guy use Dermalogica and Vichy products which are the best in my opinion.

In comparision with Zouari, I like the ambience of the Zouari spa more, they have a bigger area more natural light, very relaxing atmoshphere: far eastern inspired spa music flute accompanied sounds of trickling streams, and their signature aromatic oil burned in diffusers spotted throught the floor. An employee is always at hand to ask for refreshments, and they usually serve complimentary drinks while you wait.
The place permeates a sense of pampering luxury.

I liked the language skills of Toni and Guy employees better, the receptionists, and the aesthetician spoke fluent English, and the esthetician, IMHO seemed to be better-skilled. Like I said before, she had a very soft touch, the extractions didn’t hurt, and I have sensitive skin I usualy have tears coming out of my eyes-another reason to dread a salon visit!

Would I be going again- Yes, because of the aesthetician- if she goes I go!

Having said that, I wouldn’t completely forsake Zouari-  returning maybe for a relaxing foot massage or something.

5 thoughts on “Toni and Guy Salon Review Jeddah

  1. Thank you very much, this was very helpful.

    Do you know if they have treatments for skin pigmentation?



  2. They gave me guinot face mask… with deepcleansing facial it cost 1200sar… im not sure if it decreased my pigmentation 😦


  3. I have completely forgotten her name its been a while..3 years, but I go to Claude Maxime salon now and my aesthetician is Samar, she's really good in my experience.


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