Draw Something Game App

Have you tried out this mobile game app? Warning: It is very addictive. I’m not the sort of person who spends ours playing games on my phone, but no I’m addicted to Draw something, and I must admit it is Drawsome!Hehe.

I have the free lite version, I still have to collect a lot of coins to get more colours.
I recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing Pictionary, the premise is the same, except you draw with yourfinger on yourtouch pghone. The game is still going through frequent updates to iron out its glitches, so be patient, but on thewhole its fantastic. Don’t blame me when you get addicted to it tho.
Iphone users check out the itunes link,
Android users click here.

Below is an amazing picture drawn by an expert, my drawing look like they’been drawn by some one in kindergarten :-).

Have fun drawing :-).