How to take a Screenshot using your Iphone

Dear Readers,

As you may already know I’ve got an Iphone which I hate to admit am still learning to use. The thing is, if it at least came with an in-depth manual -which it didn’t, I would’ve gone through it and familiarised myself with all its capablilities in no time- I’m nerdy like that. But without a manual and only trial and error to go on- getting tech savvy on this may take a while and by that time Apple will have released Iphone 6 with even more features.

Well, yesterday I discovered something new. A friend of mine was reluctant to end a winning streak in Draw Something, and as I had sleepily sent a rather poor drawing of  seatbelts, she whatsapped me asked what was it that I was drawing. Being very sleepy it being 2am in Saudi and  (probably only 8pm in the States where she is.) having played 5 games simultaneously I couldn’t quite recall what it was that I had drawn, so I asked what does it look like?  As I wondered if it was worth this much trouble to maintain our winning streak, she sent screenshot of my drawing. She wanted to know if it was battles…

I was blown away. Now, this could be the fact that it was 2 am, and we all know most people don’t think straight after 2 am. To finish the story – ( if you are bored skip to the next paragraph) anyhow I sheepishly texted it that it was a seatbelt…and she replied Oooooh. Much like the way your parents did, when you told them what you had painted in Art class. Sigh!

The ability to take a screen shot and have it saved in your photos does open up a lot of possibilities.  For e.g, you could take a  screen shot of google maps, and then use it the map from your photos when you are out and offline. Similarly, you could save interesting stuff online with a simple screenshot to share later.

So how do you do it?

Well, as far as Iknow this works only of Iphone 4S or Iphone 3s with 4.1 ios

Very simply you press the Sleep/Power key and the Home key at the same time. Press for one second and release, do NOT press and hold. The screen should momentarily flash white, and if your mobile is not on silent you will hear the shutter sound. Go to the camera album to see the screen shot.


One thought on “How to take a Screenshot using your Iphone

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was actually blown away when I knew you can easily take a screen shot using your iphone unlike Blackberry where you have to actually download an application.
    I'm guilty of having both a Blackberry and an iphone. I guess I wanted the best of both worlds.

    MiMi xx


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