Sotra & Lace Event: A State of Lemonade

Spring break has as usual attracted loads of visitors to Jeddah, and despite crazy traffic I managed to make it to the State of Lemonade event at Ana Special Mall.

Window display at Sotra boutique

As promised there was a variety of lemonade to choose from, you sip away right there or takeaway with you in glass bottles. There was the classic lemonade, pink lemonade, and one with watermelon, and ever popular lemon with mint. I experimented with the watermelon lemonade, while my mum had the pink one. It was refreshing and not to sweet.

Sotra& Lace decided to spoil us with an array of sweet temptations that would make even the most die-hard dieters’ resolve melt away.  Knowing that every girl’s heart can be won through cupcakes, they had a delicious array of cupcakes with flakes of toasted cocunut on the frosting. The moist and amazing cakes had  cute names like ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘Heatwave’. Little muffin cups held portions of popcorn, multi-coloured sugar candy and mini marshmallows.

Don’t you just love the gorgeous flowers and bright spring colours?
Pretty pinks and purple

Here are some more pics of Sotra has to offer a unique combination of feminine floral colours with vintage inspired jewellery, and retro turbans retro wrap head bands.

Turbans, bow necklaces and peter pan collars, and vintage inspired bling

 and the giveaways

Peonies, and lace bow brooches with pastel trimmings.

Hope you liked the pictures.

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