Straight Through My Heart

The arrow escaped Cupid’s bow and caught its target straight through the heart. A single look, and my heart was hooked, caught by an emotion so powerful that I forgot where I was, and simply stood staring enchanted, breathless. My heart raced,  my fingertips tingled, my mouth became dry, It dawned on me, that my life had changed forever and  it would be meaningless, unless I could cherish and  possess what I so dearly desired…

an LV hand bag!

Sorry to disappoint some of you..
What on earth am I talking about? Well, I’m always complaining the retailers in Jeddah, (Saudi Arabia) don’t put in half as much as effort as retailers in Dubai where window displays are simply captivating works of art.

Well, I have finally come across a window display in Jeddah that took my breath away. What a bull’s eye?

Louis Vuitton window display at  Al Khayyat Mall, Jeddah

Have you ever fallen in love with a bag at first sight? It happens to me with shoes/sandals a lot. Sigh!

P.S .I had to put in a bit of a introduction to the pic, after all this is a blog, not a photo blog, or Tumblr, or Instagram. ..and although a picture maybe worth a thousand words, I like words..and I’m trying to write!

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