Easy DIY Morrocan Lantern

Dear Readers,

Previously I did a DIY post linking different DIY projects that caught my eye. I simply adored this very easy DIY lantern project and I did it soon after the post, but I forgot to post  pics. So, here they are as promised.
I simply used an empty can, filled it with water and put it in the freezer for a day or two (okay I admit I forgot about it), then using a hammer and nail and some hardware gloves, I hammered out a design free hand.
I used copper wire to create a hanging, you could skip that step if you aren’t going to hang it.

Next just pop in a tea-light, you might want to use a citronella candle to ward off mosquitoes if you are using it outdoors, and voila!

diy morrocan lantern
Don’t you love the reddish glow cast on the planter?

diy morrocan lantern
I’m seeing bows everywhere these days, been inspired by Fyunka!

Let their be love!