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Best Restaurant in Dubai: Shakespeare and Co

Dear Readers,

I usually do reviews of restaurants etc in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but after my recent trip to Dubai, I feel compelled to review one of the most gorgeous cafe I’ve been to: Shakespeare and Co Cafe!
The decor is a shabby chic enthusiast’s dream with floral prints, velvet curtains and laces accents, lots of cushions and array of complementing colours.

The restaurant also has a pattisseries section with cupcakes, cheescakes and more; they are so pretty that you just want to drool over them and it almost seems a shame to eat them.

The unique bouquets which bring a touch of spring are also avaiable for sale.
Shakespeare and Co has many branches all over UAE, I tried out the one in Dubai Marina Mall. If you are lucky enough to get a seat outside on the terrace overlooking the marina, it has excellent panoramic views. The seating is picturesque garden type seating with canopies to shade you from the sun, and colourful cushions to make you comfortable.

They have an eclectic array of furniture and cute chandeliers, chest of drawers and other oranments that leave you feeling like you have entered another world. It is dificult to absorb all the little artistic touches in one visit, you feel enchanted by it all.

I know I’ve been raving about the surroundings, but what about the food, you say. Well, the menu is expansive, there is something for everyone, at any time of day, be it tea-time cakes that you are craving or an english breakfast, or traditional foul muddamas,  a light manaeesh, or maybe cold sandwhiches, soups, salads, pasta, pizzas , and much more.

We went for brunch and my parents had the Eggs any style breakfast with mushrooms and beef bacon, and fried toast, with english breakfast tea. They were very happy with their food, although the tea became cold soit was refilled it and made it extra strong as requested-free of charge too.

I had the most divine drink-I will remember it forever! It was called pink lemonade but compared to other pink lemonadesI’ve had it was in a league of its own. It had grenadine syrup with a bit of rose syrup along with lemonade! Sigh, It was like heaven in my mouth. I also had a crepe slathered with chocolate and covered with sliced strawberries, then folded with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! The combination of flavours was perfect, did I already use the phrase heavenly?

My brother ordered blueberry pancakes with syrup and a cold coffee. I felt his breakfast was the lightest, but he was happy, while he thought mine was bit too rich. I was famished so I needed all that sugar to energise myself for the day ahead- or soI kept justifying to everyone ;-).

If you are going to Dubai, I suggest that you have a put it on your itinerary to visit one of Shakespeare and Co’s many branches- you won’t regret it.

Photo credit: Missbobochic and the company website.
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