Monday Madness:Decadent Designs on Display

mirror, lace, etched, boudoir, glass dressing table, perfumes, luxury
A boudoir fit for a princess

Dear Readers,

You may know of my penchant for interesting window displays, well I have to post about the breathtaking boudoir on display Al-Furusiya Jeddah Marina, at the time the Cerruti Baleri store hadn’t opened its doors yet but its the display captivated my imagination. For a moment you forget where you are; and you find yourself peeking intto some lucky lady’s bedroom. A beautifully etched grand mirror adorns the wall and is matched by a carved mirror table. The opulent furniture marries well with the wallpaper: an intricate white almost lace inspired design on a pale gold background, and for some strange reason it reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms. The huge perfume bottles exude a sweet decadence, and you just know this lady’s luxe fragrance will  linger in the air, long after she has left the room.

cactus cactus print,beanie bags, ottoman, modern pouf
A prickly seat!

The next display though casual and simple was charming in an artistic yet humourous manner.
Wouldn’t you just love to have these modern pouf/ottomans in your bedroom, I certainly would.  I’m really amused by the ironic concept, and I think in a living room they would serve both as seating and a talking point; and like the display I would make sure I had a few potted cactuses nearby for added effect!

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