Wonderful Weekend Shopping Ideas in Jeddah

Wednesday being the last working day in Saudi Arabia, everyone starts planning what to do on the weekend. When you are thinking of things to do shopping is one of the first activities that comes to mind, especially in Jeddah, its that or dining out.
Jeddah’s up and coming local fashion scene has a number of  exclusive boutiques catering to the sophisticated tastes of the luxe ladies who lunch. Be sure to check out these boutiques in person, as the pictures don’t do them justice, they are all charming creations of feminine creativity with a modern twist.

Check out the newly launched but immensely popular Lady Fozaza Blazers at the exclusive Cream Boutique in Stars Avenue Mall. They offer crazy colours, bold prints and a well cut and structured  fit, they are an essential in any fashionista’s wardrobe.

At  last week’s launch most of the collection was sold out in the first 10 minutes, due to the huge hype that Cream managed to build on social network sites especially Twitter. Lady Fozaza blazers are a hit all over the Middle East and even the Kardashians have been spotted wearing them.

Another newly launched brand is Auras jewellery now availabe at Maison Bon. 
These delicate works of art would serve as a perfect accessory to any outfit without overshadowing the clothes yet adding a simple but stylish flair.

I think it will suit girls who love to play dress up to a tee, and anyone young at heart for that matter 😉

If you need a new abaya for the summer, head over to Sotra at Ana Special Mall. , they have quirky, colourful and fun abayas at by Haal inc.

Sotra designs: Via rocknroyal

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