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Girls Only Hangout: ‘the store’

Dear Readers,

I’ve noticed that most of the patrons of Jeddah’s trendy restaurants and cafes tend to be women. Often you can spot only one or two men in a restaurant full of women, so it was only a matter of time when a girls ony boutique/cafe/nail bar opened up in Jeddah.

Cue ‘the store’, I wasn’t able to make it to their grand opening, but I headed over to it on Thursday at 5pm, to check out what they had to offer.

As soon as you walk into the place your are struck by the shabby chic decor, the wooden floorboards and complementing ceiling rafters, and the eclectic furniture and fittings from around the world, come together to create a country/homely feel.

My friend and I spent a few minutes browing through the clothes, which are unique pieces often made of silk or chiffon, with delicate detailing. We passed by the nail bar, and I told myself I’d come down for manicure  in a bit, but got rather distracted by all the food once I got upstairs.

The cafe is on the third-floor, with a terrace for outdoor seating, and as it was rather windy we decided to sit in doors.

My friend started of with a chicken taco sandwich, while I had a giant slice of carrot cake which was very good, and suitable for sharing. I had my usual lemonade with mint. They have all day breakfast menu, and variety of sandwiches to choose from. While we talked away the afternoon, we realised we could go for more food! We ordered a banana pancake, and a buttermilk chicken burger to share. Both were absolutely divine, we will definitely be going back for the food. There were one or two bugs about which was annoying and I hope they do something about that, and I hope they add french fries to the menu. Otherwise it was a great experience, and great venue for breakfast or hi-tea.

I hope you like the photos below, and please do feel free to share your own experiences and comments.

the store, display, jeddah, boutique, cafe

the store, display, jeddah, boutique, cafe
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5 thoughts on “Girls Only Hangout: ‘the store’

  1. hi,
    i faintly remember hearing about a place named : the store but never got around visiting it. can you tell us where is it located. i would love to visit.


  2. Hi! The store is off Tahliya street, behind Patchi and Zouari,and Curves right next to Toni and Guy Salon, do check it out ..I advise you to go in the afternoon or at 1030 am, hope you enjoy it and do let post back about your experience.


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