14 Popular Destinations for Saudis during Summer Holidays

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Most students in Saudi Arabia are finishing off there exams or waiting for results, and getting ready for the annual summer vacation.

As soon as the results are out expats and Saudis alike jet off to cooler climes to escape the blistering heat. This year people who like to spend Ramadan in Saudi (I think its the best place in the world to spend Ramadan,) have quite a narrow window of opportunity from June 6th till July 15th I think.

In the past the US of A has been a favourite, but due to visa issues, and other reasons, U.K has replaced it along with France, Switzerland and Spain, especially Marabella. This year with the Olympics to be held in London in July it may attract sports enthusiasts from Saudi to the much hyped event.

Lodon, 2012, Olympics, stadium

Those who prefer to head to the Far East: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand  (officially only for non-Saudis), for their beach vacation on picturesque island resorts, where it is less expensive and the Saudi riyal when converted still has quite a bit of purchasing power.

berjaya resort, langkawai, malaysia, resort, island
Berjaya Resort Langkawi, Malaysia

Still others like to vacation in the Middle East, popular destinations are U.A.E, which despite temperatures of up to 50 C, and very humid weather manages to attract a huge chunk of tourists from Saudi, with its Dubai Summer Surprises Festival favoured by families.

Egypt has been popular in the past, but recently due to the political climate andthe Saudi Embassy in Cairo  being shut down it is no longer a destination of choice.

Egypt, tourism, Sharm Elsheikh, camel, beach four season resort

Lebanon is also a local favourite due to great weather, a hospitable people, and it offers beaches, picturesque cottages on hillsides, shopping, plastic surgery, and wide variety of entertainment venues. Unfortunately this year the political climate has forced many to cancel their vacation plans.

lebanon, tourist attractions

Tunisia was another destination which has suffered due to political unrest.

Ever since Noor aired on MBC channels followe by a barrage of Turkish soaps, Turkey has attracted a huge number of Saudi tourists, despite language problems and in the beginning a rather frosty welcome to Arabs from the Middle East due to the historically hostile relationship between the two countries ( the Turkish Ottoman Empire was overthrown by the help of Lawrence of Arabia and the Bedouin tribes, which later gave rise to an independant Saudi Arabia or something like that I’m not a historian).

Turkey, istanbul, tourist, attraction, spots, tourism
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As the wedding season will now be in full swing newlyweds will be off to their honeymoons, and Maldives secluded romantic resorts are the perfect fit.

maldives, honeymoon resort

I wonder what will be the most popular destination this year among Saudis, we’ll know in a week or so when the stats start to come in.. Where are you flyng off to this summer, or if you are staying Saudi what will you be doing? Comment below, its free!