Billboard Music Awards 2012 Fashion Round-up You Simply Must See

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I am no longer interested in who wins at the numerous music award shows that take place. My main interest is what did they wear? If you are like me and you don’t want to spend hours watching award shows but you like to feast your eyes on  the latest trends in gowns and hairstyles well, sit back and relax and enjoy your fashion fix.

I recognised very few people from the pictures a sure sign that I’m getting old, sigh and I like very few of the outfits.

But I think Katy Perry is getting better at dressing up for the red carpet she looks elegant in this lavender Blumarine gown and had her trademark hair dyed a purplish hue.

katy, perry, bmas, 2012, lavender gown

Taylor Swift showed up with straight hair smoky eyes and a red Elie Saab gown, as you know I think she rarely misses the mark, in my opinion anyway. I’m also a big fan of Elie Saab’s designs.

taylor swift, bmas 2012

Carrie Underwood was a in a rather fluffy blue concoctionby Oscar de la Renta

carrie underwood, bma 2012
Nelly Furtado ina white crochet beaded dress by Alberta Feretti and sparkling jewels
White dress with a cheeky keyhole neckline

I have to add Miley Cyrus because she only wore a Jean Paul Gaultier blazer, conveniently forgetting to wear anything nothing underneath. The rate she is going the girl is going to be in rehab before she’s 25. I wonder why ex-Disney child stars always go berserk when they get older?

Miley Cyrus- I’m the next LiLo, just you wait…

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