Kate Middleton:What She Wore for the Diamond Jubilee Weekend

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You may or may not have been following the British Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration for the past few days in London. No one does pomp and pageantry quite like the British, and boy did they put up a show.
The Queen was definitely the star of the show and the centre of attention but many young royal wactchers, media persons and fashion followers looked forward to seeing Kate Middleton hoping she’d please us in the fashion department.

Kate Middleton  as we all know like to play safe with her fashion choices, she doesn’t like to take risks, both I think due to her personality and her position as a new member of the Royal family. She’s seems intent on not making the same ‘mistakes’ that Princess Diana and others have been accused of  in the past.

If she likes a colour, for example navy blue she sticks with it. If she likes a fabric, for example lace she will stick with it. Most of her dress her long sleeves/jacket and hit above the knee and form fitting. I guess her motto is if it aint’ broken don’t fix it!?

For the long weekend Diamond Jubilee celebrations she decided to stick with the brand that designed her iconic wedding dress: Alexander McQueen.

For Diamond Jubilee River Paegent Kate Middleton wore a red McQueen dress.

kate middleton, alexander mcqueen, red dress, alexander mcqueen
Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen

The dress looked as if it consisted of  two separate pieces a long sleeve top and a pleated skirt that hit above her knee. She paired it with nude high heels an a red clutch and of course those crazy fascinators that British royals love so much.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert was a quite bash, but a more laid back event and for this Kate donned a blue and purple dress from high-street brand Whistles (another one of her favourites) with a black blazer from…wait for it ..Alexander McQueen.

kate middleton, prince william, prince harry
Kate Middleton at the Diamond Jubilee Concert

The dress was available form Asos for GBP150, until Kate wore it on Monday, it was subsequently sold out, so whether you lack it or not she does have clout in the fashion world  or at least in the U.K!

whistles bella bodycon street, kate dress
Whistles Bella Bodycon Dress in Multipetal print

Finally, for today’s St. Paul’s ceremony, lunch and Buckingham palace balcony ‘event’ the Duchess of Cambridge wore a nude lace dress by Alexander McQueen. I think this was probably the best outfit out of the three as she looks like royalty in this one.

kate middleton, duchess of cambridge, alexander mcqueen, diamond jubilee
Kate Middleton inAlexander McQueen at StPauls thanksgiving event

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