Cheryl Cole and Gary Barlow Diamond Jubilee Concert

 Dear Readers,

Today my post is going to be ever so slightly controversial. Well, you might ask how is a post about Cheryl Cole and and Gary Barlow’s performance going to be controversial? If you check out Youtube ,you will realise that on most uploaded versions people hate Cheryl Cole’s performance- saying she hasn’t sung it well etc. Now, I, on the other hand have fallen hard for it. I thought that both Cheryl Cole and Gary Barlow (of Take That fame) put on a passionate and rather intense performance. The fact the pair of them looked great, the crown style stage, and thousands of people cheering definetely helped.

gary barlow from take that and cheryl cole sing and dance at the diamond jubilee concert
Cheryl Cole and Gary Barlow giving an electric performance at the Party at the Palace concert

I have heard the song ‘Need you now’ by Lady Antebellum, and though it was pleasant it was very forgettable. It was too ‘country’ for my taste, and it pretty much went in one ear and out the other; though the chorus was catchy. There didn’t seem to be any drawing force to the song.

Somehow when Gary and Cheryl sang the duet ‘Need You Now’ it took on a life of its own. It does help that Gary Barlow is a great singer from Take That and I don’t care what anybody says I think Cheryl Cole held her own beautifully. In fact, the two performed so well, and seemed to have great chemistry that for a minute my friend and I were left wondering what it would be like if the two dated. Gary Barlow was buzzing with energy, as he tapped his foot and danced as Cheryl leaned in and sang from the soul.

gary barlow from take taht and cheryl cole perform at the queen's diamond jubilee concert in front of the buckingham palace
Gary Barlow dancing as Cheryl sings

I like powerful duet perfromances, the singers not only have to sing a great song but put on a great show. Another one of my favourite performances is Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger’s many performances of their duet Heartbeat on  stage, ( BTW I hate the official music video).

For fashionistas amongst my readers, Cheryl’s strapless black gown that hugged her shapedly curves in all the right places and I am happy to divulge that it was a creation by Polish designer Ewa Minge; the shimmering bodice was covered in sequins, a velvet trim and ended with a dramatic layered fishtail. She accessorised with statement de Grisogono jewels.

Cheryl Cole looking stunning at the diamond jubilee concert
Simply Stunning Cheryl Cole

There are forums discussing whether Cheryl Cole sang live or mimed, it was very obviously live in my opinion. So many people say that she butchered the song, but I beg to differ. I don’t know much about music, actual I spend around a month or so trying to give up music, and then fall off the wagon and listen to a few songs everyday for a week. Then get bored and give up music for a while, and something triggers a relapse. So I don’t claim to be an expert on music, I just tremendously enjoyed the performance and right now this is the track that I’m addicted to watching on Youtube.
Please watch ‘Need you now’ duet by Cheryl Cole and Gary Barlow for yourself and feel free to agree or disgaree below.
Finally, to all my friends ( Sumy, Z,  Rukh, Fatwima, and Sammy)  who I’ve talked/chatted to at a quarter past one, a heart-felt thank you for being there for me, and may we be best friends forever!
You can recreate Cheryl Cole’s fantastic blue smoky eye make-up by watching this tutorial
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