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Hot Gucci Ad for New Perfume Premiere with Blake Lively

blake lively, gucci, premiere perfume ad
Ooh la la, is that Blake Lively or Marilyn Monroe?

Have you been missing your weekly dose of Blake Lively glamour, ever since Gossip Girl ended , I certainly have. Not to worry, the Gossip Girl star has been making waves as she has been cast as the new face of the Gucci’s latest perfume Premiere. Blake Lively exudes old Hollywood glamour, the golden waves, and dark eyes transform her perfectly. In fact, I’m wondering if she hasn’t got more of a Marilyn Monroe likeness as compared to Michelle Williams who played her in the movie ‘My Week With Marilyn‘.

Left: Blake Lively as Serena as Marilyn Monroe in Gossip Girl’s 100th episode, and Right the screen siren Marilyn Monroe herself

 Here’s a colour photo of Blake Lively at the shooting of the Italian fashion house’s new fragrance ad. Blake look’s even better in colour don’t you think?

blake lively picture, gucci ad shoot, premiere perfume
Blake Lively exuding old Hollywood glamour at the shoot of Gucci’s Premiere ad

There has been some controvery circling the web that the Gucci ad for Premiere ‘starring’ Blake Livey is very similar to the Mademoiselle bags advert she did for Chanel. I think the ads have just two things in common Blake Lively, and her reflection in the mirror. I don’t think that’s enough to declare Gucci copied Chanel, and I personally prefer the Gucci ad over the Chanel one. Gucci’s ad is very much classic, old Hollywood glamour, and a black and white shot. The Chanel ad on the other hand has more contemporary vibe to its more ‘Serena’ edgy, modern, a bit dark.

See the ad below what do you think? Which one is hotter? Do you think Blake Lively exudes a Marilyn Monroe-esque charm?

blake lively, chanel, madamoiselle bags ad, pictures
Shexy Serena Blake Livey in Chanel’s Mademoiselle bags ad

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