How the Pulse Boutique In Jeddah Stole My Heart

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Earlier in the week I shared with you the invitation to attend the grand opening of the Pulse boutique, if you weren’t able to make it, you need to read this post.
The entrance of the Pulse boutique moments before the opening
On Tuesday, I fought, the driver fought rush-hour traffic and I arrived at Aziz Mall at 5:30pm for the grand opening of The Body Shop brand new Pulse boutique. There was a crowd of expectant men women buzzing with anticipation. It was a glam event complete with a green grass carpet, high-tech spotlights, cameraman and photographers; it really did look like a grand opening. Then the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived: the spotlights came on and The Body Shop banner dramatically fell away amid applause to reveal the shiny new boutique. 
The VIPs made their way in followed closely by eager customer and there were a few short and sweet speeches highlighting how The Body Shop brand is different: against animal testing, for fair trade, community conscious, and environmentally friendly to name a few. To complete the scene, pretty waitresses served us with scrumptious finger food and refreshments while the customers browsed in the new surroundings taking it all in.
The first thing I noticed was how much bigger than the Pulse boutique was, and it was definitely a lot brighter. The entire marketing team was very approachable, friendly and informative. A special shout out to Alaa Abdullah who showed me around and informed me about the new products. I also had the opportunity to speak with Qasar Qayyum the Middle East Franchise Account Director who was had flown in for the opening of Pulse boutique in Jeddah. He assiduously answered all my questions and queries and suggested I try out the Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil (Review coming soon). 
Qasar Qayyum the Middle East Franchise Account Director in front of the Ramdan gifts display
It was refreshing to meet such a professional and capable marketing team in Jeddah. They explained that the Pulse boutique brand concept is Beauty with Heart, emphasising on a kind of beauty that isn’t skin-deep; true beauty comes from the heart.
The brand concept really resonated with me, and I’m sure other young women in the Middle East would agree. We love to pamper ourselves with luxurious body butters and enhance our beauty with the latest make-up, but we scorn when we are considered as ‘just another pretty face.’
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The youth today, like you and I, want to make a differencein the world and a positive contribution in the community.I believe consumption with a conscience is a form of activism.

The Pulse boutique allows you to do just that, through their Look Good, Feel Good, and just as importantly Do Good mantra! The Do Good aspect really touched me, and it perfectly captures the essence of the Beauty with Heart brand.

Look Good

The gorgeous  cruelty-free make-up range at The Body Shop not only help you look good, the products are carefully crafted using nature sourced ingredients, free from animal-testing and without disgusting ingredients such as fish scales or bug shells (do you know what’s in your make-up?!) Personally, I love the Lily Cole – Puff On Radiance, and Lily Cole Lip and Cheek dome the products are great-but the packaging is simply adorable!  Lily Cole is a model, actress and an activist who is aptly the Pulse brand’s global brand advocate; The Pulse boutique also has female staff at hand to provide skin consultations and even a makeover if you wish. 

Lily Cole -Cruelty free make-up range

Feel Good

I’m sure you know that when you make a loved one happy, it infuses you in a warm glow that money can’t buy. The Pulse boutique is offering Ramadan/Eid gift packs which you can shower on your family friends and feel good in the knowledge that you’ve made someone dear to you happy. So this Ramadan when you are invited to a Suhoor/Iftar why not take something that doesn’t add to your hostess’ waistline, take one of these thoughtful gift packs- there’s something for every taste and budget.
Ramadan Gift packs at Pulse boutique Jeddah
Ramadan Gift packs at Pulse boutique, Jeddah

Do Good

You may ask, Misha that sounds great, but how do I actually Do Good, and what has it got to do with the Pulse boutique?
When you purchase The Body Shop’s products you contribute to growth and welfare of local communities involved in the process. You can also sign-up on petitions for a cause that you feel passionately about.  For example, the gift bag that the marketing team generously gave us helps create awareness about the ‘Stop $ex trafficking of children and young people’. The bag is yours for life, unlike plastic bags which are an innocent looking menaces to the environment.  
Stop the trafficking of children andyoung adults campaign by the body shop
A bag for life
In short, other competitors may sell you make-up and moisturisers, in other words hope in a bottle, but Pulse, in a heartbeat  offers you a globally holistic experience.
Pulse is where activism, beauty and community collide.
Go check out Pulse boutique in Aziz Mall, you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
A big thank you to the marketing team for the great gift pack!
Stay tuned for more reviews of The Body Shop products in the coming weeks, don’t miss my post hurry follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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