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I Heart Strawberries: A Review of The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Mist, Body Butter, and Beautifying Oil

Dear Readers,

As promised here’s my review of The Body Shop’s Strawberry body mist, beautifying oil and body butter.
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Personally, I’m a fan of strawberries, I love eating them; go crazy for desserts with a strawberry garnish, especially cakes! There’s just something so sensual about strawberries, the attractive shiny red colour the tangy yet sweet burst of flavour when you bite into one; the invigorating scent. It reminds me of summer holidays, parties at the beach and decadent desserts.

But, dear readers, do I necessarily want to smell like strawberries? 

Strawberry body mist

Well, I’m happy to report that the strawberry body mist does NOT turn you into a walking ad for strawberry ice cream. 

The fragrance is fruity, fresh and sweet, without being overpowering or overly saccharine, balanced by underlying citrusy tones. It smells slightly ‘perfumey’ (for lack of a better word) as compared to the Strawberry body butter. (A positive point in my book)

It’s fairly light so you will need to top it up several times a day, but the bottle is also light so you can conveniently stash it in your bag when you are on the go, and spray when you need a refreshing pick-me-up.
*Tip: Try using it with the TBS Satsuma  body mist for an even zestier fragrance.

Strawberry beautifying oil

I love a product that wears many hats (multi-purpose), I feel that you get more bang for your buck, and it makes life so much more easier when you travel.

This game changing dry oil not only moisturises, but smoothes and illuminates as well. It can be used on the face, body and even hair! Its versatility has won it a place in my travel toiletries’ bag.

What I like about dry oil is that it gives a satin non-greasy finish, compared to regular oil which leaves that slick overtly shiny/greasy look and feel.

The strawberry beautifying oil contains nature’s goodness in the form of strawberry seed oil, Community Fair Trade marula oil, sweet almond oil and kukui nut oil.

It absorbs very quickly leaves you skin looking luminous instead of flaky. The strawberry fragrance is very light and similar to the strawberry body mist which I like.
*Tip: I use the dry oil all over my body after showering and use body butter on my dry areas: hand, feet, elbows, knees where an extra rich moisturiser is necessary.

Strawberry body butter

Living in a heavily air-conditioned atmosphere to survive the Saudi summer can leave you with extremely dry skin. The fact that in the summer there is no such thing as cold tap water, you have a recipe for severely parched skin.

The strawberry body butter rehydrates your skin and it is a very rich moisturiser containing community sourced shea butter. Use it at night before bed so that it can be absorbed in your skin as you sleep. I wash my hands obsessively so I use it on my hands throughout the day. I would probably use this product more in the winter when my skin gets bone- dry all over.

The funniest thing about it the strawberry body butter is that there’s a sign and they’ve clearly stated not fit for consumption! I laughed out loud when I saw that. After all, it smells temptingly sweet like a strawberries and cream trifle or something.

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It is advised to keep it out of reach of small children who may understandably mistake it for something to eat. In my opinion the fragrance, of the body butter is stronger, sweeter and a tad candy like, and my family immediately noticed the fragrance and asked me what I was wearing. 

Personally, I like the strawberry body mist fragrance the best, as it has a more grown up fragrance compared to the body butter. Try it out tell me what you think.

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2 thoughts on “I Heart Strawberries: A Review of The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Mist, Body Butter, and Beautifying Oil

  1. I love strawberries! I agree, don't like smelling like fruit so it is nice to know the mist is subtle. Never heard of dry oil before, sounds cool, something I might try if they have a small size…

    I used to love the Strawberry Sundae lip balm, I wonder if they still carry that 😀


  2. Hey thank you so much for commenting :-).

    the dry oil is 100 ml, try it out at the Pulse boutique..there's one in MoE..
    I don't know about Strawberry Sundae they have Strawberry lipbalm I think it's called Last Strawberry from the Born Lippy range, been using it since highscholl-packaging has changed..


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