Lemuda.com’s On-call Stylist and Her Tips Just a Click Away

Lemuda.com asked me introduce their new stylist service to my readers, after all who hasn’t been in style dillema which could only be solved by a fashion expert?

Lemuda.com, the stylish new online luxury special store in the Middle East, has introduced a customized styling service with their in-house stylist, Alyssa. Besides offering great discounts on renowned brand names, Lemuda.com is the first shopping website in the region to offer this one-of-a-kind service to its customers. 
This service also marks the introduction of their fashion catalogue which provides interesting updates by Alyssa on new arrivals, catwalk trends, quick beauty tips and must-have accessories just like a special column of a fashion magazine. In addition to valuable fashion advice, this on-call styling service also helps customers to create their personal style.
“We realize that women in this region are overwhelmed with the fashion choices on hand and want to be impeccably dressed for every occasion. By providing this free styling service, we are certain that our customers will be happier with their choices and be able to carry off their new look with greater confidence” says Federica Mazza, Creative Director, Lemuda.com.
This strictly confidential service can be availed by simply reaching out to Alyssa at community@lemuda.com with your style dilemma. After assessing your request and analyzing various options from Lemuda’s offer, multiple customized looks will be sent to your inbox. This service therefore acts as your personal shopper in the e-commerce world.
With vast product categories in Lemuda’s online catalogue, such as bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, watches and sunglasses from coveted brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Fendi, Gucci, Lanvin, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more the choice on hand is immense. To be able to pick out the perfect accessories and put them together into a seamless outfit is a task best left to the expert.
LEMUDA.COM was launched in January 2012 and is quickly establishing itself as the new online luxury special store for the Middle East. Unlike any other online player in the sector, LEMUDA.COM offers a new format, allowing customers to match designer fashion accessories’ featured in the catalogue with highly discounted products from time-limited special sales. Just like the column of a fashion magazine, its newsletters feature key trends from the catwalk, handy style tips and outfit ideas. With refined packaging and express delivery to the entire GCC area, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, LEMUDA.COM offers a completely safe-to-shop online retail environment with genuine designer products and high-quality service.
The catalogue is now also available in Arabic.