Oh HONEY! The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil Review

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The first time I laid eyes on a bottle of Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, I had a vision of then pop diva Mariah Carey dancing to her song Honey flash in front of my eyes. If you grew up in the nineties in the days when MTV used to play music videos instead of trashy reality’ll know what I’m talking about.
Mariah Carey singing Honey, I can’t describe
How good it feels..
 If not,  it roughly translates to remembering Beyonce dancing to Love on top, except Mariah’s video is more erm…entertaining.
Beyonce: Honey Honey…
Ok I digress…Beyonce, Shakira, J-Lo, or Jennifer Anniston all sport the perfect ‘just got back from a beach vacation’ glow. Images of perfectly tanned bodies of celebrities are emblazoned into our minds, although make-up and photo-shop do play a role, there are products out there which can help you attain a healthy glow too – right at home without running the risk of cancer. Fake it-don’t bake it!
You no longer have an excuse to walk around looking pale as a vampire  wishing for a magical sun-ring, anymore when you have The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil.
Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
First of all, it smells like heaven in a bottle! The delicious fragrance, I’m told by the Head of Fragrance of The Body Shop herself, is from the much sought after tiare monoi flowers found in the islands of Micronesia. The tiare monoi is often used in tanning lotions and gives it that fresh-from-paradise-island smell. I’m willing to use it for the fragrance alone just don’t wear perfume with it.
Before pic with a drop of oil, taken without flash
The colour may look dark, but once you apply it gives more of healthy golden glow than rather than a dark tan. I would suggest it for people with pale skin as results will be more apparent on them, if you have a darker skin like me ( I have an olive skin tone), it adds a bit of shine, but not in a greasy kind of way. It contains very tiny golden specks which diffuse the light and give you an airbrushed look.
Its dries quickly and doesn’t stain clothing, and can be used instead of a body lotion. But I have to say it’s not very long lasting you will need to top it up every 3-4 hours. 
After using the honey bronze oil pic- it does glow
After using the honey bronze oil pic- another angle can you notice a bit of a tint?

I tried to take before and after pics (above) but my photography skills are rather lacking so please don’t judge solely on the basis of my photos.
For pale skin types check out this Body Shop staffer review which also has pics.

The organic honey moisturizes and helps condition the skin. The fair trade honey is sourced from Bezamar in South Oromia state, Ethiopia. The beekeepers employ traditional methods, using hives handcrafted from locally grown bamboo which promotes strong, healthy bees and deters logging.

So even though summer maybe over, you can indulge your senses with Honey Bronze, it glides on your body leaving it silky smooth infused with a divine fragrance and healthy golden glow. You will not only smell great but you’ll also look yummy ;-).

Be sure to try it out the Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil in your nearest Pulse boutique and follow The Body Shop on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss out on all their great offers and new products.
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