HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton Review/Rant

HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton

Dear Readers,
When How I Met Your Mother first started off, in my mind it filled the chasm left by Friends. It was a great comedy, with a likeable enough cast (I had a problem with adjust to Robin becoming a regular in the beginning). The show gave you your comedy fix, and some moments were so funny that you actually remembered them later. I  still can’t get over the hilarity of The Pineapple Incident ( S E )which incidentally is also the most watched episode of the entire series.
Season 7 saw the show go from a comedy to more of a dramedy, which was disappointing. That is not its calling, its purpose, or the reason why I (or most of its fan-base) watch the show. The emotional drama between Barney and Robin not choosing each other, couples with Ted’s quarter life crisis as he can’t find ‘The One’ and start to feel pessimistic about his life, is too much.  Especially, as Ted’s drama hits a bit too close to home, and instead of the providing an escape the show actually throws the very stuff I’m trying to hide from into my face.
Everyone I discuss the show with agrees that it’s turning into more of a drama interspersed with rare bits comedy provided reliably by Lily and Marshal- they are cute and entertaining even when dealing with serious issues.
HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton Ted
What on earth could beTed be reading at this time?
In the Season 8 premiere, the drama continues- how could it not? It’s about 2 weddings, or at least 2 brides one runaway and another one who is on the verge of running away, at different points in time.
HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton
If Marshall can’t stop Barney from running away. I seriously doubt Lil’ Lily can help
So Robin and Barney are both freaking out about getting married-to each other, but we canbot understand how they ended up here until we here this other story first:
Robin in a wedding dress about to marry Barney
Love Robin’s wedding dress, I hope she doesn’t runaway it would be a shameful waste of a perfectly lovely dress
 As Lily and Marshall struggle to stay coherent due to going without sleep because of the new baby, Barney hides the fact that he has history with Robin from his finace Quinn, who gets upset. Robin is also upset because apparently Barney has removed all traces of their relationship by photshopping her out.
Barney and Robin continue the ‘Ross and Rachael’ dance, of not getting together when everyone can see they are perfect for each other- again its a standard feature of many a drama and or comedy ..but maybe after 7 seasons you wish they’d get together seeing that they get so sentimental and sad and the comedy doesn’t really overcome the drama.
HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton Robin and Barney
Exhibit A: Robin has been photoshopped form the pic where they are both eating the same spagetti
But its Ted’s drama which starts of innocently enough …but you know from the opening scene its not going to end well. Due to Ted’s being jilted at the altar he has to direct Victoria on how to ‘runaway’ correctly and on she has to leave the perfect note…that smells like her-of course.
HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton ted and victoria
Ted teaching Victoria on the importance of a runaway note
After overcoming various difficulties in depositing the note Ted encounters Klaus (no, not the invincible vampire werewolf hybrid from TVD) Victoria’s fiance who is also running away. Ted replaces Victoria’s note with Klaus’ so that Victoria and him can runaway together guilt-free.
HIMYM Season 8 Ep1: Farhampton ted
Ted climbs up the water spout..to place Victoria’s note
Then Ted decides, he heeds to know why Klaus is running away from Victoria, I’m not sure if he’s having cold feet too, or maybe that’s  a very guy thing to do – or possible a very Ted thing.
Anyways, in a bilingual explanation Klaus explains to him the Victoria is very close to the one-but not the One…
Klaus and Ted- you simultaneously just knowwhen its  the one
Of course Ted asks how do you know when some person is the one… what if you think they are the one but they are not? Klaus sagely replies, ‘If you have to think then she’s not the one, with the one, you just know’.
The episode ends with us catching a glimpse of the mother of Ted’s future children. We see her shapely tanned legs, but her face remains obscured by that yellow umbrella, and in her hand is that her guitar case. 
Folks, it’s the beginning of then of HIMYM, this season will likely be the last according to producers mainly due to actors’ contracts. 
I really hope Season 8 delivers, Ted deserves a special ‘the One’, we all do, let’s just hope that it’s worth the wait. 
the mother, the girl with the yellow umbrella
The girl with the yellow umbrella


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