GeekFest Gamma Jeddah held on 10.11.12

photo credit: Photography by: Asmaa Mohurji (@Soumz) Source;Geekfest Jeddah facebook page

Dear Readers,

I can’t wait for the 3rd invite-only GeekFest held in Jeddah with an estimated 100+ attendees

A bit about the event:

When : Held on October 11, 2012 (Thursday) from 5pm to 10pm
Where: Held in one venue (The Store), but in a socially-accepted segregated manner
Theme: Collaboration / Community

Why should you come or key attractions


• Local artists who are part of the geeky community will be featured
• A comic-book making workshop will take place with a competition


• 4 speakers will give a GeekTalk on these topics: Community-building, Arabic Sci-Fi, Design
and the female gaming community in Riyadh.
• All will be shared online on GeekFestʼs Vimeo account for those unable to come to the


• A discussion on gaming practices and video games will take place
• A popular fantasy card game tournament will take place

Food & Beverage

GeekFest Jeddahʼs Venue Partner The Store, a concept store for ladies in Jeddah, will provide
F&B at the event.


Here are the companies participating during the event as TechnoCases for Gamma:


A local design company headed by Ammar Sabban, they will be giving a workshop on design and
a comic-making activity. They have also designed the official posters for GeekFest Gamma.


The electronics company will be showcasing some of their latest products, notably their new line of
Smart TVs.

Virgin Megastore

Virgin will be providing GeekFest with some of their products to be used at the event by the
attendees, as well as a surprise activity where attendees have a chance to win prizes from their

Who can go?

Gamma is an invite-only event. To get invites, geeks are encouraged to sign up for and actively 
participate in GeekFest Jeddahʼs Trello board as a member of the community. For now, the event 

is exclusive to the geeky community of Jeddah. GeekFest events will eventually be open to the public.

Who are the Geeks?:

* are Innovators and Early Adapters (usually of technology)
* maintain an online presence, whether for professional or personal purposes
* dedicate time to learning everything they can about their interests/hobbies
* are proficient in internet culture
* “obsess” over the technical side of things
* have a substantial following on one or more social networks
* are creative and eager to learn new things
* express their opinions online
* have influence in the online Jeddah/Saudi community
* are interested in the science fiction/fantasy/comic book genres, technology, web development,
social media, and gaming (among many others)
* understand, use, and own gadgets
* are quick learners, especially when it comes to technology

How to Connect with GeekFest Jeddah Geeks:

TWITTER @GeekFestJeddah #GeekFestJED
FACEBOOK facebook.com/GeekFestJeddah
INSTAGRAM @GeekFestJeddah #geekfestjed