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Layla’s Gourmet Cafe Review

Dear Readers,

In my last post I mentioned that the Jeddah Writing Club met at Layla’s Gourmet cafe, which is tucked in a quiet street off Tahliya Street.

The ambience is amazing with a small water feature and somewhat Turkish oriental inspired tilework outside and wooden benches ideal for enjoying Jeddah’s great weather at this time of the year.

Indoors you eyes are dazzled by an array of items all fighting for your attention and yet complementing each other at the same time. The black and white striped walls contrast with the gilded mirrors and ornaments, the whole place is a wicked indulgent feast for the eyes.

They have interesting array of books, abridged classics, girly magazines, cute frames, and much more.

I noticed a few customer came in to enquire/give orders for cookies or cakes, for parties etc the planned on having at home.

Though I enjoyed the surroundings, I wasn’t very impressed by my order of caramel cake it was very dry and a quite a small portion, and the pina colada wasn’t particulary special either.

I had to ask for my order twice, and when they finally served our group with the bill it completely incorrect, and the surprsing thing was that it was totally empty so how could they mix up the bill??

When they gave the bill again, it was still more than what it should have been, but we didn’t feel like dealing with the staff anymore so we settled it- but no one likes the feeling of being ripped off.

 I hope that in the future the service improves, because it would be a shame for such a pretty place to lose customers over something so basic.

Have you tried it out yet, please do let me know what your experience was like in the comments below.

Black, white and gold chandeliers and and antique lamps transport to another time.

These Venetian? carnival masks inspired the JWC to chose masks as the next topic!

The outside seating area of Layla’s Gourmet

Musical notes lamp shade

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