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Jeddaah Writing Club -Project Masks

Dear Readers,

As I’m not in my lovely J-town these days, and have gotten into the crazy pace of London life my posts have been few and far between- I aplogise. I’ma bit confused if I should post about London on this blog or start a new one?!

While  I try and figure that out, go ahead and read my latest humble offering for Jeddah Writing Club’s 4th meeting..

Leave your comments below- please!

Every morning she dons her work mask and sighs,
Clothes that hide her curves,
And a fake smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes.
Compensating for her beauty with an aggressive attitude
And that dead unseeing stare through the commute.

Night brings  a more enchanting disguise,
Of turned on charm and twinkling eyes,
Fake laughter and tighter clothes,
Lonely hearts and drowning souls.

In the twilight he saw through her deception,
As he talked the strings became undone.
Her masks slipped and fell to the floor,
She wouldn’t be hiding any more.