Sponsored Video: A Leap of Faith / قفزة ثقة

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Dear Readers,
Today  I want to share with you a campaign that is close to my heart, it is about helping spread awareness of Polio vaccination efforts in Pakistan, where thousands of children are not vaccinated due to ill-found fears and misinformation on the part of parents that fear the vaccination may harm their children when in fact they will save them from a lifetime of disability. Be sure to share the video with your friends.

مرض شلل الأطفال معد وخطير، ويمكن أن يصيب الصغار والكبار. يسعى فيلم قفزة ثقة إلى نشر الوعي حول شلل الأطفال وجهود التطعيم في باكستان. احموا أطفالكم من شلل الأطفال والأمراض الأخرى. شجاعتكم ستحافظ على صحتهم 

Polio is a preventable disease that affects young children and adults. Leap of Faith seeks to raise awareness of polio and vaccination efforts in Pakistan. Protect your children from polio and other preventable diseases. Your courage will keep them healthy.

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