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Brands that I miss in KSA Part 1: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Makeup Kate Upton Surf and Sand Summer Collection 2014

Dear Readers,

Oh I was absolutely in love with Bobbi Brown,  I love all their make-up, I think I used to drool at Bobbi Brown’s Selfridges counter on a weekly basis.  I find their make-up does what in my opinion make-up should ideally do and is that enhances your features upgrading you to a prettier healthier, ‘I eat , drink and sleep well and am in love with the essence of life’ version. 
Kate Holmes looking Elegant in Navy and Nudes by Bobbi Brown
I find some of the popular makeup brands here are rather heavy-handed, and  mask your skin  making it obvious to everyone within 5-10m radius (depending on eyesight) that your face  is painted, and IMHO the vibe I get is that you are going for the ever ready ‘God forbid that acid rain should descend and leave you with a bare face, because your self-esteem requires  that you must hide behind  such an opaque foundation’ look. 

Girl wearing too much makeup

I find that girls here often wear make-up suited to photo-shoots but which in my humble opinion looks out of place in normal life.I guess all the selfie-mania has turned everyone into a self-conscious celeb.

A girl in the jaws of a shark taking a selfie

Oops I digress, as I was saying I miss Bobbi Brown make-up. I adore their BB cream with SPF35 the medium shade is perfect for Asian skin tones. Their blush, oh my, it gives your cheeks a natural gorgeous colour so much so, that when I first noticed my friends rosy cheeks I thought it was because she had been running upstairs to meet me. So to the great people at Bobbi Brown please set up shop in Jeddah, the fashionistas need you ASAP!

Bobbi Brown BB Cream, Bobbi brown lip liner, and Bobbi Brown blush, foundation stick

If any one would be interested in full reviews of their stick foundation/bb cream/lip liner/blush  please leave a comment below and I will do it in future posts.

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