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Wondering where to eat next? Try Piatto: Pasta Pizza and Gelatto!

Piatto fountain

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*I’m a bit behind on my blogging so excuse the slightly dated content*

During Eidul Adha my parents had a craving for good ol’ gnocchi( potato dumpling in sauce).
So I asked my the Jeddah Foodies group on Facebook my go to source for all food related queries and I was told to try Piatto or Rossopomodorro. As I like the ambiance of Piatto and their asparagus and basil pasta more .. we headed to Piatto.

If you are visiting the family section, I suggest sitting upstairs where the lighting is better and best of all you have can have seat next to the fountain. It wasn’t just me that was enchanted by the stone water feature with black and white square marble floor, all the children loved it and took great pains to avoid their parents  in order to reach it.

The walls are beautifully painted with scenes from Italy, with colourful picturesque little cottages huddled on the lush green slopes like flowers in spring all overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean sea.

My parents immediately spotted the three kinds of gnocchi and my Mu m opted for the gnocchi in 4 Cheese sauce  Quatro Fromaggi Gnocchi I think. I ordered  my favorite Pasta  Chicken with Pesto and Asparagus, and my Dad couldn’t resist the  Pepperoni Pizza. For drinks I we opted for fresh  Carrjuice, Kiwi smoothie and mint lemonade.   I suggested we skip many of the tempting
anti-pasti as I wanted to make sure I had room for dessert..the Italian gelatto!

While we waited the waiter brought us a complimentary basket of a variety of fresh bread and green salad with a delicious dressing I think it was some sort of cheese that gave it a such creamy yet light flavour.

Creamy gnocchi

The  pastas arrived first.
The gnochhi didnt disappoint it was melt in your mouth creamy with the complementing flavours of cheese leaving you ‘mmmmming’ for more.

Chicken Pesto goat’;s cheese and pine nuts pasta
My  pasta was a bit short on the asparagus this time :(, but I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle pesto flavours and tangy goats cheese set off  by sun-dried cherry tomatoes and crunchy pine nuts. 
Pepperoni Pizza

The Pizza was arrived and we dug before I remebered to photograph it , the crust was airy, light and fresh and toppings were not overwhelmed by cheese or any one flavour which I liked too.

Carrot juice, kiwi smoothie, Lemon mint

The drinks were normal nothing to rave about the kiwi smoothie had a banana base  so a bit heavy for my taste.

I found it very difficult to decide on the ice cream as I stood there trying out the gorgeous flavours.
In the end I went for a trio sccop in a waffle cup: heavenly salted caramel, nutty pistachio and sweet n sour raspberry fro-yo.

I would definitely recommend the ice cream there is sure to be a flavour you will like. chocolate and Nutella lovers there’s a hazelnut flavour and many of the chocolate cookie inspired flavours. Again by the time the ice cram arrived I was in a food induced stupor and forgot all about taking pics :-P.  When you truly enjoy a meal that is often the case.

Next time you are wondering where to dine on the weekend I would whole heartedly recommend Piatto heart-warming food and buzzing atmosphere.

Piatto is located next to Stars Avenue Mall on Malek Road, Jeddah.

I will be doing a post on Ihop soon so do check back for that.

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