Blogged:ICONIC December Shopping Haul ( Jeddah Fashion Post)

Dear Readers,

I am excited to share with you the goodies I bought in my last shopping trip to ICONIC.

Although ICONIC has been in town a while I tend to have my go-to brands which I frequent all the time; After this shopping trip I have decided to add the ICONIC store to my favourite stores list.

So without further ado here are  my pics:

I have been looking for the perfect silky texture printed harem pants, ones that aren’t too casual so no jersey material or too bling, so no gold/silver animal print. At last I found the ONE I was looking for in ICONIC.

The geometric print is blend of red and navy blue over a neutral cream background not too busy or bland, it was just right. These roomy pants are  extremely comfortable to wear and yet give a dressed up look, can be worn to work, school, and while hanging out with friends.

I bought an oversize sleeveless sheer white top, to go with it-I loved the gold detailing on the collar, it added an edge to it, and I like the hi- lo cut, it has ample material in the back to cover your bum and maintain your modesty. There are fanned pleats in the back which add to the flowy nature of the top and give it a feminine silhouette.

I love the clink of metallic bangles perfect for accessorizing on the weekend.

Last but not least, these chunky duo knuckle  ring set has received numerous compliments since I got them! I simply can’t stop wearing them.

I hope you liked my  ICONIC shopping haul!

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