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Breakfast at Le Concheur: A Review

Mouthwatering desserts at Le Concheur

Dear Foodies,

I was meeting up a friend for breakfast on a Saturday and I chose Le Concheur as the venue as I’d heard good things about it from the Jeddah Foodies group on Facebook.


Its located  unassumingly on Prince Sultan Street in Rawdah Dist, but the minute you walk in the bright airiness of the place takes your breath away.


Le Concheur has brought the famous Belgian chocolate to Jeddah!

There’s an array of scrumptious looking chocolates, pastries and fresh bread sitting in the display that is sure to make your mouth water, and your eyes dance at the prettiness of it all.

Le Concheur interior

We sat upstairs, the decor is very white, bright yet clean and polished at the same time so it doesn’t have the diner feel. My only complaint was that it was very chilly- North Pole cold, and I was dressed for Jeddah’s sunny climate so I was a completely frozen chicken by the time I left.

Gorgeous crunchy green salad

We ordered french fries (don’t ask I have random cravings), a gorgeous green garden salad  for my friend and beautifully light Belgian waffles topped with  fresh mixed berries and cream  dusted with a generous helping of powdered sugar for me.

Belgian waffles with  mixed berries

It deserves another picture it was that good !

The waffles were so light and airy,  almost delicate, you didn’t end up with  an overstuffed bloated feeling after eating them. A must try.

I also ended up indulging myself with a Caramel flavoured smoothie, while my friend had fresh juice.

Decadent Caramel Smoothie

This is the place to go to on your cheat day, you won’t regret it.

I look forward to trying out their other items on their breakfast menu soon inshallah.

Have you tried out Le Concheur yet, do let me know what you had.

Rating 4.5/5

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